Printing on Clear Cling

large format printing on clear cling material

Clear Cling

Clear cling is an interesting material for printing in large format. Whatever shows as white on your computer screen has no color on the clear material. This can give cool effects, and it can also make a mess.

As you can see from the picture at the right, if you have a nice continuous background, like the sky in the picture, things look great. But, as you see where the trees start to enter the picture, they can obscure what you are trying to show in the picture, to the point where it can be really hard to see what’s going on.

We also print on a white cling, which works fine for white where it shows on your computer screen. The issue there is that you don’t want the ink against your glass- it will transfer to the glass and is a bear to remove. We always want to be putting the ink away from the glass.

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