A Better Banner Stand

retractable banner

Banner Stand

We recently introduced our “Standard” retractable banner stand, and it’s been well received. This is a full size 35-1/2″ wide and 83″ tall stand. The banner is made from a light blocking, 11 mil film that gives terrific color, long life, and you won’t see the shadow of the  pole when it is lit from behind.

These banner stands are 22% larger in area than an economy banner stand. That can be significant to getting your message across! Not to mention that the mechanism is more durable and the banner itself is made of a heavier material.

If you are passing the banner stands our to your distributors for free, use our economy banner stand. But, if you are trying to make maximum impact at your next trade show, our standard banner stand is the better choice. At $339, they are a bargain!


About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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