We are Postersession.com too

scientific research poster printing


Yes, it can be confusing sometimes. Our company is MegaPrint Inc., but when you do an online order for a research poster, it happens at postersession.com.

The reason is simple. We wanted to create a web site that just talked about our printing of scientific research posters. It’s a big part of what we do, and we didn’t want to clutter the site up with vinyl banners, trade show graphics, etc. So, we made a site that just talks about research posters.

We hope that makes things easier, and most of the time it does.

Still, people ask if we are MegaPrint or Postersession. The answer is, we are really both! When we charge your credit card, you’ll see it on your statement as MegaPrint Inc. Our emails will have a return address at megaprint.com. The rest, like your order confirmation, comes from postersesssion.com.

If we confuse you, we apologize! We did it to make things easier, and hope it does that for you.

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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