Museum Displays

lambda plexiglass display

Museum Display

Our customer was asking if we could mount lambda prints to the back of plexiglass for museum displays. My question back is why on earth would you want to do that. He said “because we’ve always done it that way.”

Well, let me give you three reasons why there’s a better way:

1. If you put a direct printed sintra piece behind the plexi, it’s a very simple process and much less expensive. The look is the same- both are fantastic! The plexi adds a depth to the display that is elegant and attractive.

2. If there’s damage to the plexiglass, it gets scratched for instance, you only need to replace the plexiglass, not the entire graphic. That’s faster and much less expensive.

3. If you are replacing the plexiglass, you can still leave the sintra in place until the new sheet arrives. Your museum displays don’t have a big blank space.

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