Custom Wallpaper in a Bakery

custom wallpaper for branding

Bakery Wallpaper

I spent the weekend in Quebec going to their Winter Carnival. It was fun, and cold of course. We stopped in this charming bakery, and nobody makes better bread than the French! I was surprised to find a terrific custom wall mural there.

Sadly, not of our making. Still, it shows a brilliant example of turning a big blank wall into branding for the store. In this case, they had pictures of happy people chowing their goods. It adds a lot of life to the space!

They could have filled the wall with framed pictures or nailed up a bunch of antiques. But I’ll bet this two wall mural set them back about $2000 including installation, went up in a day, and is different than what people are used to. Which is the point.

Cheaper, faster, better. There’s a lot to like!

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