Long Large Format Printing

long pieces of large format printing

30 Feet of Vinyl

People ask how long a piece we can print. In this case, up to 47 feet long! We can go even longer, but there’s always the chance that something messes up halfway along, and we usually ask that we have the flexibility to send you two pieces on long printing like this.

Of course, the material itself often comes in 75 or 100 foot rolls, so that’s a limitation in getting anything in a very long length. Generally, if the roll of material is 100 feet, you could get a banner about 90 feet long. If everything goes OK!

Especially for long banners that are narrow, perhaps two feet high, you can save a lot of money by running the two pieces side by side on a 54″ roll of material with a single joint in the middle. The less waste, the less you spend.

The room seemed awful big when we built it, but I can tell you we were glad to have the space for this job!


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