Bank Posters

lobby posters in a bank

Bank Lobby Poster

You normally think of paper posters when doing your typical 22×28 poster in a bank lobby. We are finding a solution that we like a lot better, though.

Our good customer Meredith Village Savings Bank has us print their lobby posters on 1 mm sintra, which is a foamed PVC sheet .040″ thick. There are a number of reasons we like this material, first of which it stays really flat over an extended period of time. Paper posters tend to get wavy after a while.

Another reason is that the sintra is totally waterproof. So, they use them outdoors in sign holders on the ATM, etc. If things get a little we, no harm done.

Lastly, these lobby posters are rigid, so they go into and come out of sign holders easily.

You’ll find sintra bank posters to be around the same cost as paper posters, but superior in how they look and perform long term. Give it a try!

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