Poster of Tournament Brackets

tournament bracket poster

Poster for a Tournament

Here’s something we print a  lot of this time of year- a poster of the brackets for a hockey or basketball tournament.

In this case, the poster is 5×8′ in size and printed on our matte paper. The customer will use stickey notes for each team, and use the poster for several years.

You can also make a tournament bracket poster with our gloss lamination, and use a dry erase marker to write in the team names. You’ll get a lot of years out of that! Lamination protects the poster and keeps it looking fresh for many years.

The advantages of printing a poster this way is that it looks professional, can  have school and tournament logos, and will attract much more attention than a hand drawn set of brackets.


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One Response to Poster of Tournament Brackets

  1. Kate Preece says:

    Hi, I’m running a ping pong tournament in honor of my father that died of Alzheimer complications. He loved the game and taught it to me when I was 5. It’s a 24 team double elimination tournament. Can you print a poster size large 24 team double elimination bracket?


    Kate Preece
    925 683-6417

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