Outdoor Vinyl Banner

outdoor banner

Tent Banner

Here’s something we hear about a lot. Our customer bought a tent for their food booth at an event, and needed to put their name on it. They started by asking if we could print on the tent. We settled on a vinyl banner they could hang between the poles at the front of their booth.

It’s actually pretty hard to print graphics on fabrics once they have been sewn.  Not to mention that most of the booths are colored, so you would need to print white ink. So, a vinyl banner works pretty well. And, if your logo changes, you only need to reprint the vinyl banner!

Most of our vinyl banners these days are printed on a matte finish vinyl, which we think is more pleasing than glossy vinyl. For sure, if you are going to display them indoors you will want the matte finish so you don’t have reflection trouble.

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