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Print Wide format from Excel

Large Format Excel Print

We see a lot of large prints of Excel® files come our way. They can be pretty useful in a lot of of situations. In fact, we keep our job schedule on a large dry erase Excel chart.

Large prints of Excel files can be done as paper prints, and we can laminate the paper with our glossy laminate that works fine with either wet or dry erase markers. We’ve also done large Excel prints on adhesive vinyl for application to drywall or windows. We can print up to 4 feet wide and as long as you want to go!

Excel can be a little weird for doing wide format, since it doesn’t have a set page size. We recommend that you save a pdf, which can be printed in any proportional size. You can also send us your Excel file for printing, telling us the approximate size you need, and we’ll get things working for you. It’s all part of the service!



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