Pop Up Trade Show Booth

pop up booth graphics

10 Foot Trade Show Booth

Here’s a trade show booth we printed recently with what we call graphic end caps. You can order your booth with carpet at each end, or extend the graphics around each end, as we did here.

What you need to be careful about is putting things on the end caps that can’t be read by people going by your trade show booth. In this case, you can see that the end caps merely extend the background of the booth, and I think that’s good design.

From time to time we see people putting text around the corners of their trade show booth, and it can be hard to read from some angles. My advice is that while the graphic end caps can be very attractive, and can give a continuity of the graphics that is very pleasing, don’t put text or other graphics on them that might be lost to the curvature of the booth.

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