Large Size Menu Boards

large menus for restaurants

Poster Size Menus

If your menu and prices don’t change a lot, it’s usually less expensive to print poster size menus every year or so, as opposed to investing in a computer driven menu system. We did these large menus for the Cafe Monte Alto here in town.

No question, if you want to have moving graphics or if you need frequent changes you want to do this with a computer display. But there’s something to the simplicity of a poster size menu that requires no technology!

Looking at this installation, it would have been tough to put power there. They have a really small space, no computer room out back. Poster size menus work pretty well in this application! Monitors and software would have been over $1500, the boards including the graphic design were $326.

Call us and we’ll make some for you. We can do the layout of your graphics as well as the printing, and we have a large selection of material to choose from depending on your needs.


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