Printing on Ceiling Tiles

printed ceiling tiles

Military Emblem Ceiling Tiles

We’ve done a lot of fun things with printed ceiling tiles, here’s a recent one. An Air Force squadron wanted to show their emblem on the ceiling, and sent us a digital file of it. That’s all we needed!

We printed on nine ceiling tiles 2×2 feet square, boxed them up and off they went! We used our UV flatbed printer, which can print on substrates up to 2″ thick. We’ve also done things like sound panels, vinyl trim boards, and doors.

Printing on ceiling tiles is straightforward. We keep a stock of standard 2×4 foot tiles, which can be easily cut into 2×2 foot tiles. We also have had people send us the particular tile they wanted printed, and we charged them just for the printing.

If you have a ceiling that needs a little life, give us a call!



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