Machine Placement Templates

Bolt Pattern Template

Machine Bolt Template

We’ve been printing mylar patterns for machine bolt templates for some time now. Mylar works great for this application because it doesn’t stretch or tear easily. It’s a “frosty” clear material, and you can see through to the layer below when aligning panels. You can also see marks on the floor through the material.

We often print machine bolt templates in several strips, which the customer lines up with marks we print in the overlap areas. That allows us to make machine bolt templates of just about any size.

We carry mylar in 36 and 54 inch widths, and can generally turn your machine bolt template around in a few days.

We can print to +/- 1/8″ in 15 feet, and for a little extra money, even tighter accuracy.

Typically, customers send us an Autocad file and we take it from there.


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