Wall Mural with the Look of a Frame

large print on canvas

Molding Around a Canvas Print

Here’s a large canvas print displayed in a home in Florida. Our customer put the canvas on the wall, and then installed molding around it, giving it the look of a frame without going through all the trouble of actually framing it.

We do a lot of very large canvas prints, and once you get above 3×4′ in size, you really don’t want to try to ship them on stretcher bars. Fedex will hit you with big oversize charges, and the chance of shipping damage increases. Above 4×4′ sizes, Fedex won’t take them at all.

So, we recommend that we ship large canvas prints to you rolled up, and you have them stretched locally (or do it yourself). That seems to work pretty well for people.

Just remember, if you take your large canvas print to a framing shop to be stretched, you need to get it into your vehicle once it’s done!  My thinking has always been to assemble the stretcher bars in the room where you’ll display it, and stretch the canvas right there. If needed, find a framing shop that will make a house call!


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