Large Photos on your Wall

large size photo print

Big Photo on the Wall

Here’s a really large photo enlargement installed in a customer’s home using our wallboard vinyl. This is a nice matte finish vinyl with “sticky note” adhesive on the back. You can lift it up and put it back down if you get it on crooked, and it leaves no residue on the wall when the time comes to remove it.

While we use it a lot for museum displays that go up for six months or a year, wallboard vinyl does a nice job of photo enlargement too. I’ve had one in my bathroom for about 5 years now, and the cycles of heat and humidity don’t bother it at all.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to enlarging a photo for your home. We can do canvas, gatorboard, or even a vinyl banner. But wallboard vinyl does a really nice job, and affordably.

One trick we often see is that people put molding around it to give it the look of a frame. But, even a plain pieces of wallboard vinyl straight on the wall looks great and will last for years. Another thing to consider is that shipping really big pieces to you gets hard when they are above 3×4′ in size. Wallboard vinyl is shipped to you rolled up, and that keeps the shipping costs down.

The photos from a newer phone will generally go up to large size with no trouble. Most new camera take a 12 megapixel image, which is plenty for photo enlargements of this size.


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