Cafeteria Signage

signs for college cafeteria

Food Service Signage

When I went to college, you went through a line and little old ladies spooned out whatever they were serving that day. You took it or you starved. No More!

Nowadays we print a lot of very colorful vinyl signage that goes into college cafeterias, like this photo from Plymouth State’s dining service. They give a lot of choice of yummy food, and use a lot of colorful signage to show you what’s cooking. Cafeterias are much more consumer focused than they used to be.

Much of what we did here was on adhesive backed vinyl, to be adhered to sign fixtures and applied directly to the wall, as well as sneeze guards, milk dispensers, etc. We also printed on flat sheets of PVC and did a wall mural.

All of our printing is full four color process, so you get colorful signage that sells your product. Give us a call when you need to dress up your location!

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