Sustainable Packaging for MegaPrint

paper packaging material

Geami Packaging

Here’s an innovation that we are using for packing smaller pieces, it’s called Geami.

We were using a lot of bubble wrap, and a salesman suggested that we give this a try. We love it! It costs about the same, but uses a sustainable resource as well as taking up a lot less room in our facility. As a guy who has been selling most his life, I appreciate a sales guy who becomes a resource!

Geami comes to us as two rolls of paper, the kraft (brown) roll is perforated so that, as it comes off the machine, it becomes a honeycomb.

sustainable packaging

Geami Machine

The white layer keeps the kraft layer from going back to flat when it’s pressed against something flat. At least, that’s how I understand it.


What you wind up with is something that cushions our shipment as well as bubble wrap, without putting plastic into a landfill. That’s good for the environment, and good for us!


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