Machine Bolt Template Printing

template for machine placement

Machine Floor Template

We have switched technologies for printing machine bolt templates, from using aqueous printers to our new UV printer.

There are a couple of good reasons for the switch. First of all, we find the UV printers are more accurate, giving us very long machine bolt templates that are right on the required dimensions. We are able to hold within a millimeter in five meters, or .02% accuracy!

The other advantage is that the UV cured ink is not water soluble. In fact, it’s not even solvent soluble! On the off chance that the machine bolt template gets wet or oily, the printing on the mylar templates will not be affected.

If you need a template to make it easier to install your equipment, give us a call! We can make very large templates by fitting together panels of 36″ or 54″ wide mylar.


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