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Ski Map Sign

Ski Trail Map

Here’s a ski trail map we printed several years ago for the Holderness School. The trails are right across the road from our shop, and a few of us use them at lunch time to get a workout, and I took this picture to show how well it has weathered.

We printed this trail map directly onto OmegaBond with our UV printer. OmegaBond is a sign making material that is 1/8″ of high density polyethylene with a white painted aluminum face on both sides.

The work is attractive and durable, and since we print directly onto the material, it’s pretty affordable.

We also printed a number of “You Are Here” trail maps for the area, which they have at major trail intersections. It’s awfully nice to know where you actually are when you come to a junction! A trail map is nice, but knowing where you are on it becomes important when you are a few kilometers from a warm fire!

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