Mylar Bolt Template

Mylar Bolt Template for a Machine

Machine Bolt Template

Here’s a pattern for drilling the bolt holes and service connections for a machine. We made the template by printing on mylar with one of our UV cured printers.

This bolt pattern template is accurate to 1mm in 5 meters, so the bolt holes will be in the right place! The mylar material will not stretch or tear, and it’s frosty clear so you can see what’s below it.

When the bolt pattern template needs to be over 54″ in the small dimension, we print on two strips of mylar with an inch of overlap.¬†Customers usually tape the two (or more) pieces together, and then locate the entire thing where it needs to go on the floor. Depending on the size of the final bolt pattern required, we can use either 36″ or 54″ mylar. We stock both sizes.

Send us an Autocad drawing at 1:1 size, and we’ll make a machine bolt pattern for you!


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