Elevator Door Graphics

adhesive vinyl on elevator doors

Graphics on Elevator Doors

Here’s an interesting way to communicate with people when they are a captive audience: graphics on elevator doors. In this case, adhesive vinyl is applied to the elevator door panels.

To my way of thinking, it’s a great way to show a message to people who are waiting for the elevator to arrive. Of course, it has to be a message that takes a short time to digest, since the elevator may come pretty quickly. In this case, it was a hospital putting a message of caring on the elevator doors.

Putting graphics on elevator doors is pretty straightforward. Measure the doors, and design your graphics to be about an inch larger than the actual door. The excess will be trimmed off during installation, so don’t put any important things right at the edge, which is good graphic design discipline anyway.

Lead time on elevator door graphics is 2 or 3 days in our shop, and back to you as fast as you need them!


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