Across the Street Banners

banner displayed across a street

Street Banner

I spotted this hard to read banner running across the street in Fort Myers FL last week. It made me look twice to figure out what it said. Not our work, thankfully.

What makes this across the street banner hard to read is the fact that it’s semi-transparent. The writing on one side is visible through the other side. We call it ghosting, and it really reduces the effectiveness of the banner. You get that when you start with an inexpensive vinyl banner material.

Our Across the Street Banner material has a light blocking black layer in it, so there’s no ghosting at all. It’s also a heavy 18 oz material that’s really tough stuff. We stitch the hems with a double run of monofilament thread, and  re-enforce the corners to give you four layers of material at the high stress points. And, while it’s not an issue in Florida, our vinyl banner material is good to -20 degrees. In ski country, that comes up!


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