Museum Display Holder

wood rail display holder

Museum Display Holder

Here’s a great way to hang museum display boards, which I saw the other day at the Wright Museum in Wolfboro NH.

The hanging system consists of two wooden rails, each notched on the back. The display boards slip up into the notched board on top, and then drop down into the notch on the bottom. The notch at the top is deeper than the one on the bottom, so that the top of the display board is still captured when the board drops into the bottom rail.

This makes it fast and easy to change the museum display boards. That’s important to museums who like to change their exhibits around. These boards are direct printed on 3/16 gatorboard, and can be laminated with plastic to enhance durability.

Call us and we can give you a sketch that shows you how to do this. And, we’ll print the boards for you fast and at a fair price!


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