Interesting Museum Graphics

clear adhesive vinyl

Clear Print with White Background

I found this interesting museum graphic in the Koenigstein Fortress in Germany. The walls were whitewashed to a brilliant white, and the graphic displays were reverse printed in black and white on clear adhesive backed vinyl, and then applied to the back of a glass panel.

Since all the historical photos were black and white, the entire exhibit was now black and white, and to me very attractive. Had we been the printer, we would have suggested printing directly on plexiglass, instead of the two step process of printing on clear adhesive vinyl and then applying the vinyl to the glass. But either way, the results were wonderful.

Of course, an exhibit like this requires a sold white background or it will be very hard to read. I must say that their museum designer did a splendid job of making it all work together, and left the room with the feeling that you were back in the 1850’s.

If you have a job that requires printing on clear adhesive vinyl, give us a call! We can do that, and perhaps also offer suggestions of alternative materials that our flatbed printers can do at lower cost or with less labor.


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