Single Use Plastic

9 pieces of plastic

Single Use Plastic

So I bought a salad at the Baltimore airport on my way home from Florida. There were 9 pieces of single use plastic that came with my meal, including top and bottom of a plastic box, knife and fork, bag for the knife and fork, single serving pack for the salad dressing and another for some nuts, and the bag the whole thing was given to me in. Yeesh!

You would think that they could cut down on this. How about delivering it in a paper bag, and doing away with the bags that enclose the cutlery. Put the dressing on the salad before they give it to you.

At MegaPrint Inc. we work really hard to keep our plastic waste to a minimum, and to recycle as much as we can. I can only imagine how much could be saved if the fast food industry did the same.

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