Large Trail Signs

trail sign 24x36

Large Trail Sign

We printed this trail sign for the Green Woodlands area in Dorchester NH. It’s a wonderful area with over 50 kilometers of cross country ski trails. Best of all, it’s free!

I find that it’s really important to have “you are here” markings on trail signs. Having a map is good, but then you come to a junction, exactly which one is it?

These trail signs have the “you are here” markings, and they are 24×36″ size so even us old people can read them without our reading glasses!

We originally printed the trail signs on OmegaBond, a sandwich of aluminum and a plastic core. We recently printed revisions on matte vinyl, which could be dropped on top of the existing signs and were less expensive. Each sign holder has a clear plexiglass face that protects the trail sign.


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