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Our Poster Printing Shop

Our Poster Printing Shop

Large format poster printing allows people to do something that didn’t exist 15 years ago- produce very short runs of large size color posters. Before the advent of large inkjet printers, it didn’t make sense to make plates and set up a printing press to make one or a few prints. It probably costs $1500-2000 to make the first copy of a poster on a large press, depending on the size, but after that they are roughly $1 each.

With our large format printers, there’s no setup cost. The cost per poster is higher, though. Usually it makes sense to print posters using large format printing for runs under 100 to 200 pieces, again depending on size.

We see a lot of places where large format poster printing makes economic sense. Trade show graphics, event signage, meeting signs, and scientific poster presentations generally use a single print. Smaller retailers and banks will use a few or a few dozen. These are all excellent applications for what we do. Look around the next time you are shopping, and you’ll see beautiful, full color large format graphics everywhere. It’s a technology that is affordable, attractive, and best of all, helps you sell product!

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