Poster Printing for the Back Room

Poster Printed for a Retail Back Room

Poster Printed for a Retail Back Room

If you’re in retail, your store is probably full of  large format printing. We all think about creating great posters for retail stores, but here’s a twist- put them in the back room for your employees. Shown is a back room poster printed for Whole Foods, one of our best customers. It talks about  going the extra mile for a customer. That’s an important part of their culture, and they are using posters that hang behind the scenes to re-enforce it.

Over the years, we’ve seen a fair number of our retailer customers print posters for their back rooms. It’s a great way to get the message out. While a memo gets read once, people will see the message on the back room poster for months.

Generally, we find that a paper poster works well for this kind of thing since they are only expected to last for a month or two. You can laminate them if you expect them to be up for a long time, and they will look better longer.

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