Across the Street Vinyl Banners

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Across the street vinyl banners

Vinyl banners that will go across the street are a different breed of cat.

First of all they are usually big, often 3 or 4 feet tall by 20 or 30 feet long. That means they will catch a lot of wind in a storm, and really strong material is needed. Wind cuts are in order to release some of the force of wind.

Regular vinyl banner material gets brittle at about five below zero farenheit. Being in the north country of New Hampshire, we’ve seen banners get this cold, and the vinyl falls off the nylon scrim (the re-inforcing weave). For across the street banners, we use a material that has a cold crack temperature of -20. It also is a tougher vinyl, with a heavier scrim. We also put an extra layer of material in the corners to add strength.

It’s also important to install an across-the-street banner properly. Typically, they are installed on a steel cable going across the street with D rings through the top grommets.  A rope though the bottom grommets holds it down, and we suggest using bungee cords in the rope so that the banner will be straight in no wind conditions, but be able to shed the wind in a storm.  It is also useful to note that almost nothing can hold a banner in a big storm, and it’s best to take them down if one is coming.

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