Banner Stands

I went to Scotland this summer, and was amazed at how many banner stands I saw. They were in the train station, the airport (of course), a restaurant, several stores, the tourist information area, and even the hiking hotel we stayed at.wide banner 008

For good reason! They are easy to move around, require no fixturing, and are an effective way of communicating and selling. We sell an economy banner stand that works great, and a premium product that is exceptionally durable and easy to change out the graphics on.

We use a mylar film on our banner stands that will not stretch and “canoe” over time. We’ve had a banner stand in our office for over two years now, and it’s as flat and beautiful as the day we printed it.

All our banner stands are printed with UV inks so they don’t fade over time. We stock the hardware and the film, and can turn them around in a day or two.

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