Banner Stands as a Trade Show Backdrop

Banner standsHere’s something we are seeing more and more- people using three banner stands as a trade show backdrop. It make sense!  The up front costs are lower, shipping costs are lower, and the presentation is terrific.

First of all, it’s a piece of cake to ship to the show. You can send it yourself at your hotel, and then carry the stands into the show hall.  No fees to receive them, no cartage fees to bring them to your booth.

The real savings come when you produce or change the graphics. The three banner stands will set you back less than $1500, about half of what a booth costs . You can replace the graphics for about $250 each, or $750 for a complete set.  That’s also about half the cost of a set of replacement panels for a pop-up booth.

The whole thing can be put together in a few minutes, a real blessing if you are setting up at the last minute. Another suggestion is to rent a small table or podium for your literature and or product samples. Then you have nothing to ship home except the banner stands!


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