Banner Stands that Curl

You see banner stands from time to time where the banner curls at the edges.  This happens because the banner is printed on vinyl.  When installed on a banner stand, the vinyl stretches causing the edges to curl towards the center. We call it “canoeing” because the shape of the banner looks like the sides of a canoe.  It makes the graphics hard to read, and sure spoils the presentation of a banner stand.

We solve this problem by using a polyester film on our banner stands.  Since it doesn’t stretch, the banner stays flat. We’ve had one up in our shop for over two years, and it’s still flat as can be.

We have two choices of polyester banner film.  On our economy stand we use a 7 mil budget film. It does a nice job at a great price. On our premium stands, we use an 11 mil film with a light blocking layer.  The heavier film is more durable, and you won’t see the shadow of the pole if the banner stand is in front of bright light (like against a window).

Either way, the problem of curling is solved with polyester film. It’s the right material for use on banner stands. Don’t let anybody tell you they are saving you money by using vinyl!

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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