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Wide Banner Stand
Wide Banner Stand

Banner stands are now available in wider sizes, and that gives you more flexibility in creating trade show graphics and retail signs.  Sometimes, the 36″ width limitatiion just didn’t work.  Now, you have choices.

Here’s a 48″ nominal width banner stand (actual 47-1/4″ graphic width). They are actually available up to 60″ nominal width. If you are trying to create a trade show backdrop, they allow you to do it with two banner stands instead of three.

That can be a real help in doing the layout, since you really don’t want to have your text jumping the break between banner stands.  Having two pieces to carry into the show is a bonus too.

We’ve also seen a case where our customer used a wide banner stand in the middle of two 36″ stands to make his display a full 10 feet wide.
We stock the 48″ stand, the 60″ stands are special order and take about a week to get here. 

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