Banner Stands for Multi-Language Use

Banner Stands Three WideHere’s a great way to use a set of three banner stands for trade shows when you are going to countries that use different languages.  What we designed for our customer Shielding Dynamics was a 3 banner stand display, with all the language on the second two stands.  This way, they bought five banners but only three premium banner stands, and are able to have trade shows graphics in both English and Spanish.

They did a show in Venezuala one week, grabbed the banner stands at the end of the show and flew to Chicago for another.  Everything went off without a hitch. Changing out graphics on our premium banner stand takes just a minute. All they needed to do was exchange the Spanish graphics on panels 2 & 3 with the English ones, and let the show begin!

Also notice on this display that they used a 48″ banner stand in the center with 36″ banner stands on either end. This gave them a trade show backdrop a full 10 feet wide.


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