Replacing Graphics in Banner Stands

Replacement Banner

Replacement Banner

Back in the room full of marketing junk are a couple of banner stands that your predecessor bought.  You wonder how hard it might be to have the graphics replaced.  We can do that!

Pictured at the right is a replacement banner in a stand they had laying around at the Mount Washington Hotel.   In this case it was an Expand banner stand, but all of them operate similarly, and replacing the graphics is easily done. Generally you will need to send us the stand, although our premium banner stand is designed to replace the graphic without returning the stand to us.

A typical banner stand runs $500-600 new, but a replacement banner is about half that. So it makes good sense to replace the graphic if the mechanism is in good shape.  If there are problems with the mechanism, we’ll let you know.

There are more and more economy stands out there, and often replacement of those graphics is nearly as expensive as buying a new one. The economy stands are not terribly durable, so our advice is to only think about replacing graphics in them once or twice.

By the way, if you get up this way, stop by and see us.  We’re proud of our state-of-the-art facility, and would love to show it to you. Think about staying, or dining, at the Mount Washington too.  It’s a real piece of history, and quite elegant!

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