Vinyl banners as constructions signs

Vinyl Banners for jobsite signs
Vinyl Banners for jobsite signs

Here’s an affordable way to make a sign announcing a new building.  Take a 4×8′ vinyl banner ande wrap a sheet of plywood with it. Attach the plywood to a stand or two posts, and you have a great jobsite sign.

We suggest that you glue the vinyl to the plywood with construction adhesive, and then wrap the vinyl around to the back and staple-gun it on.  You can order your banner with an extra few inches around for stapling.
Our outdoor vinyl is good for three to five years outdoors, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the building finished.  You’ll also find that this is a lot less expensive way of doing a jobsite sign than traditional signs designed to last for 20 years.
We did the vinyl banner on this sign for the Common Man restaurants here in NH.  They’ve been faithful customers, and a our favorite place to eat, for a long time.

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