Vinyl Banners for Lamp Posts

Lamp Post Banners
Lamp Post Banners

You see this kind of banner in a lot of downtown areas where they have lamp posts to hang them from. It’s a great way to advertise events or places of local interest.  We did these for a local church.

We print the banners on our matte outdoor vinyl, sew pole pockets in the top and bottom, and put grommets on the inside corners.  That’s one trick to this product- they need to be tie-wrapped to the pole so they don’t walk off in the wind.
The hardware comes in single or double sets. The ones in the picture are singles- on just one side of the pole.  A double is on both sides.  The ones we sell are an aluminum bracket that is held on the lamp post with long hose clamps.
Usually we ship you the hardware directly from the manufacturer, and send you the banners from our shop.

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