The Wrong Way to Make a Banner Stand

Curling Vinyl Banner
Curling Vinyl Banner

Let me first say that we did not make the banner stand in the picure.  As much as I love Southwest Airlines, whoever did make them made a mess.

What’s happened is that they made the banners out of vinyl, and then put them under tension in a banner stand.  We learned a long time ago that when you do that, the banner curls at the edges, in our industry we call it “canoeing.”  They probably looked great for a month or two, then they started to curl.
We solve the problem by using a polyester film instead of vinyl.
Since the film is more rigid, it doesn’t stretch in the center causing the edges to curl in.  Surprisingly, it’s not much more expensive either. I wish I knew who to contact at Southwest. These banner stands don’t give a very good presentation, and they are such a great airline!

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