Saving energy with motion sensing light switches

Motion Light Switch

Motion Light Switch

Here’s a great way to save energy in your company, and it’s one thing we are doing at MegaPrint Inc. as part of our effort to be green.

These infrared motion sensor light switches will turn the lights on in a room when you enter, and leave them on as long as they see motion of something warm in the room- like a person. We found that lights and fans tended to stay on for a long time in the washrooms, so we installed these switches.  We set them so that the light and fan turn off after about a minute after you leave the room.

They have worked so well we have put one in the lunchroom too. People would turn on the lights to get a cup of coffee, and they would stay on all day. Now they turn off when nobody is using the room.  Great for the environment, and our electric bill too.

The switches take about 10 minutes to install, and cost about $50. You can adjust the time until they turn off, the sensitivity, and the viewing angle of the motion sensor.

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