Banners for across the street

Across the street banner

Across the street banner

Here’s a banner from a set we did recently to notify people about the upcoming 2010 census.  Across the street banners are a great way to let everybody in town know about something.  We see them used to announce events, races, charity auctions, and concerts.

The banners will hang across the street, which presents unique challenges for a banner.

First of all, they need to be tough! We use a special heavy duty vinyl, and we sew re-enforcements into the corners. The material we use is also good to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can be used in winter up north.  Most vinyl becomes brittle at -5 degrees, and if the temperature drops below that, they shatter as they flap in the wind.
Most towns have a cable across the street in strategic places to hang banners like these.  We suggest that the top be connected to the cable with D rings, and the bottom held by a rope with a bungee cord in it.  This allow the banner to move to shed the wind.  We can also put ‘”wind cuts” in the banner to let the wind through. Either way, a good size banner can generate a lot of force in a high wind, and you need to find a way to keep it from sailing down the street in a storm.
The good news is- they are effective! If you are doing a big event, it’s a great way to let a the whole town know it’s going on.

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