Plymouth State University Remembers the Weeks Act

Plymouth State show commemorating the Weeks Act
Student with Display

Students in the History Department at Plymouth State University recently produced a group of displays commemorating the passage of the Weeks Act in 1911 that created the National Forest System we know today. The show will travel around New Hampshire this summer.

Of particular interest to those of us who live in the area is the wonderful job that was done in creating the White Mountain National Forest out of timberlands that had been ravaged by logging. Looking at them today, you’d never know! The forests are back, and we are enjoying over 2000 hiking trails that celebrate the outdoors. The vision of the people who created this public treasure is to be much admired.
We printed the displays for Dr. Marcia Blaine, whose students did the designs. They were printed on 13 oz smooth vinyl so they can be rolled up for travelling.

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