Store Graphics Done Easily with Repo Fabric

Store Graphics with Repositionable Fabric

Repositionable Fabric Graphic

Here’s an interesting job we did recently. Our customer wanted to put a jazzy graphic in a product showroom, and were going to buy a piece of paper and use spray adhesive to mount it.

We suggested they try our new repositionable fabric, and they loved it! Instead of all the fuss and muss of spray mount, the material comes with “sticky note” ahesive on the back. It’s easy to put up, and if you don’t get it on straight the first try, you just pull it off and start over.

As you can see, it also gives a great look. We¬† print it with our UV stable inks, so it will not fade. Since it’s direct printing on the fabric, there’s no glare trouble with bright showroom lights.

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