BIG Puzzle Printing

Flatbed printed puzzle
Large Format Puzzle Front
Puzzle back

Here’s an interesting job we printed for a church in our community. They wanted to create a puzzle of their church, and give a piece to each family that pledged in their giving campaign. Everyone would then put the puzzle together at an event, and they would have a complete picture of the church.

We printed the picture of the church on paper and applied to a 40×60 piece of 50 point board. We then printed directly onto the back of the 50 point board with our new flatbed printer. This gave them a pattern to cut out without disturbing the artwork of the church.
We left it up to the people from the church to do the cutting, and they may have raised a few blisters over the weekend. A good pair of kitchen shears cuts the board pretty well, but there is a lot of cutting to do!

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