Banner for a Road Race

Banner for a road race
Race Banner

Every road race needs a banner at the finish line!  Here’s one we did for the local youth center when they did a half marathon road race as a fund raiser. The happy group of people holding it are a group of local citizens that are working to support the youth center.

We do lots of vinyl banners for events like this. Whether it’s a street fair in San Francisco or a sales meeting in Florida, we can deliver a great looking banner in a hurry.
We give you a choice of gloss or matte finish. The gloss is great for outdoors, and it’s a little less expensive.  Matte finish is best for use indoors, since you can run into trouble with glare indoors on gloss vinyl banners. We stock both materials up to 8 ft wide, and can go up to 40 ft long.
Vinyl banners can have either pole pockets or hem and grommet for finishing. For pole pockets we loop the top and bottom over and sew to form a pocket. You’ll put a pole through the pocket when you hang it, and usually put a pole in the bottom to hold it straight. Hem and grommet means we’ll fold the edges over and sew a double seam to give the banner extra strength around the edges. We put grommets every 2 feet around for fastening. You can also put rope through the grommets and tie it to posts or trees.

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