Photo Enlargement

Digital Photo Enlargement
Photo in a Courthouse

Back when I was taking pictures for the college newspaper, we would put our enlarger on a table, and turn it around so it put the image on a piece of paper taped to the floor, and then process the paper in a bathtub sized tray of chemicals. Boy, have things changed!

Today, we can digitally print a high quality photo up to 5 feet wide and very long length. At the right is one of several pictures we enlarged for a new courthouse.
Enlarging your photo digitally is fast and easy, and without a doubt less messy. Usually we take a good size (over 5 megapixel) image and output it directly. We can also scan an older photograph if need be. Our graphic designers can also clean up your image, removing stains and scratches using Photoshop.
Photos are usually printed with UV stable inks so they will not fade over time. We can dry mount the print on foamcore or gatorboard, or your framer can do that. When things get to larger than 36×48″, shipping photos mounted on board gets difficult, and we find it better to ship them rolled up.

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