Hockey Rink Dasher Boards

Hockey Rink Dasher Boards
Dasher Boards at PSU

Around every hockey rink there’s an advertising opportunity- the dasher boards. Local businesses find it to be a pretty powerful way to advertise, and if the games are televised, even more so.

We’ve been making dasher boards with our new UV curable printer, and the results are excellent. We use a polypropylene film that sits behind the clear lexan dasher board. The film, and the printing on it, are waterproof and durable.
What’s great about our process is that we can go from artwork to panels in your hands in just a day or two. We can also help with the design of the artwork, which is a big plus when you are dealing with small companies that don’t have the ability to design the boards themselves. Our graphic designers can take a logo and put the right words with it to give you something very attractive.

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