Lamp Post Banners

Boulevard banners for lamp post displays
Lamp Post Banner

A great way of telling people about what’s going on in your town is to put banners on the lamp posts. The picture on the right is in front of a church encouraging people to attend, but we’ve done them for colleges, music festivals, and many cities and towns.

The only problem is that people don’t know what to call them! We hear street light banner, boulevard banners, and many others. We call them lamp post banners and hope people find what they need.
We make them from our outdoor matte vinyl banner material, hemming the edges so they don’t fray in the wind. We put pole pockets top and bottom, and a grommet on one side so they can be fixed to the fixture that holds them- otherwise they can walk off the brackets in the wind.
We figure the life of these lamp post banners is three to five years before the sun and the weather start to make them look tired. And after all, after that much time, people will be bored of them anyway and it’s time to change the artwork!

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