Large format printing on canvas

large format printing on canvas

Artwork Printed on Canvas

Here’s an inkjet print on canvas that I liked so much I have it hanging in my home. It has a great story.

In the late 50’s, an artist named Paul McCoy painted it while he was living in Spain. At some point, 35mm slides were taken of his paintings from this time, many of which have been subsequently lost, including this one. His wife asked me if the slides could be scanned and reproductions of the paintings made on canvas. She was kind enough to let me make one for myself.

Of the 30 or so slides, this and a few others were of high enough quality to give it a try, and with this one we succeeded. It is so realistic that the brush strokes have to be viewed from an angle to believe they are not three dimensional.  Aside from loving the painting, which is called “Huerta”, I think it gives a wonderful statement about what we can do with modern technology. What a pleasure to know that people can enjoy a canvas like this when it otherwise would have been lost.

Printing on canvas is about the same as printing on paper, it’s just a lot more expensive if it goes wrong!  We use UV stable inks so they will not fade, and do the printing on one of our newer 8 color machines to take advantage of their wide color gamut.

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