Dry Erase Poster Lamination

Dry erase poster lamination
Posters with Dry Erase Lamination

It’s great to have computer monitors to show your job schedules, but some manufacturing situations lend themselves to a lower tech solution. We use dry erase schedule boards in our shop, and find them to be a lot easier to interact with than a computer screen.

As you can see at the right, we write a job on the board when it’s ready to go into the finishing shop, and they wipe it off the board when it’s done. It’s a simple solution, and works great. Our graphic designers sit in front of a computer screen all day, so keeping their schedule on a spreadsheet works OK. The finishing shop? They are not computer guys.
Our gloss laminated posters do this very well. The dry erase marker comes off easily, and they are really easy to use. We keep a marker stuck on the wall with a velcro dot.
Every couple of months, the board starts to get a little gray. We find that we can wipe it with a solvent called Goof Off, available at most hardware stores. It will make it clean as a whistle- it will even remove regular magic marker from a gloss laminated poster.

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